Traini™ Yoga Swing - Do yoga while suspended in the air

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“I love this yoga swing! I bought this to help me stretch and because hanging upside down looked extremely satisfying for my back. “ - Ginger | Satisfied Customer

Experience yoga like never before 

Reach a new level of calmness, relaxation, and enlightenment with the Traini™ Yoga Swing. From as simple as inverted bow pose to gravity defying inverted pigeon pose, you can take your daily yoga sessions to the next step. 

How the Traini™ Yoga Swing Works 

The Traini™ Yoga Swing is a high-density nylon yoga hammock that can open up your chakras by extending the spine’s natural curve and improving flexibility, balance, and breathing control.  

Supports up to 300kg of weight 

The Traini™ Yoga Swing is designed for everyone - no matter what your weight is. Its high-density nylon fabric doesn’t easily break, and can even support 200-300kgs of weight. 

Burn calories while defying gravity 

Using your legs and arms to position yourself in different aerial yoga poses is an instant and complete body workout. You can burn calories and lose weight. 

✅  Improves your balance and breathing control 

To successfully do aerial yoga poses, you will need to balance your body on the Traini™ Yoga Swing and keep your breathing under control. Once you get familiar, doing yoga poses on the floor is easier to do! 

Less stress on the back 

Want to get your daily dose of exercise that can alleviate back pain as well? Doing yoga while suspended in the air puts less stress on your back than lifting weights. It is even used in physical rehabilitation. 


  • Material: 201T Parachute Fabric 
  • Size: 250cmx150cm / 100”x60”
  • Color: Lake Blue / Deep Blue / Red / Violet / Yellow / Pink

Packaging Contents: 

  • 1x Traini™ Yoga Swing + 4 Carabiners + 6 Hand Grips