Ultra-Light Mini Oven For Camping

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 This oven is made of a structure that is resistant to corrosion, extremely durable and very light. Assemble the panels by attaching them to each other. The oven is assembled in less than 1 minute. Cook a meal with unlimited fuels, such as wood, branches, branches, leaves and paper wherever you camp. When the oven is assembled, it can also easily be packed into a backpack.

CONVENIENT: Extremely easy to assemble; easy and foldable - fold it flat for easy storage, perfect for carrying in your backpack.

UNLIMITED FUEL: Cook a meal using the branches that you collect from the trail. Eliminate heavy, expensive fuels and pollutants!

EASY TO TRANSPORT: It is extremely light! Weighs just 200g!

UNIQUE DESIGN: The holes on the edge of the air ventilation allow complete combustion, protects from heat loss resists strong winds. 


  • The construction guarantees extreme durability as well as minimum weight.
  • Wide opening design for convenient wood addition and improved airflow, high combustion and efficiency.
  • On top it has a stable cooking platform for any size pot.
  • Easy to assemble and cook a meal with unlimited fuels: wood, branches, branches, leaves.
  • Weighs only 200g and packs flat to fit in your pocket or backpack; very easy to carry.