ToyQo Domino Train

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All aboard the choo-choo train for endless domino fun! 

ToyQo Domino Train makes domino fun and exciting for children. Get a perfectly spaced and ready to be knocked down trail of dominoes as it chugs across the floor - no more manually placing dominoes one by one! With matching light and sound effects, kids will be entertained for hours.

Set the Domino Trail 

You don’t have to stick to a straight domino line. Turn the chimney of the ToyQo Domino Train to change its course. Make a round domino path or a sequence of straight and curved lines. The possibilities are endless with ToyQo Domino Train. 

Perfectly Spaced Dominoes All the Time 

Knocking down dominoes is fun but one wrong placement can ruin the entire experience! With the ToyQo Domino Train, you don’t have to worry. As it chugs across the floor, the dominoes are automatically and evenly laid out. The pieces are perfectly spaced, ready to be knocked down! For added fun, the train lights up and plays a lively sound.

Easy to Use 

Operating the ToyQo Domino Train is super easy even for kids. Just put the bright and colorful dominoes into the cartridge clip, load it into the train, and turn on the switch. The train will then do its magic! 

Safe for Children 

ToyQo Domino Train is made from high-quality plastic material. The dominoes have smooth edges and are coated with a non-toxic finish so parents like yourself can have peace of mind that they are safe to play with. 

Key Features: 

  • Automatically lay perfectly spaced dominoes 
  • Complete with light and sound effects 
  • Use the train chimney to steer the path 
  • Knock down dominoes the old and classic way
  • Safe and interactive game for children 


  • 1x Domino Train 
  • 1x Domino Sleeve Cartridge
  • 80/120/160 Dominoes