SolderSeal™ Heat Shrink Wire Connector™ - 50 pieces in one set!

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Connect wires without soldering! 

Soldering is not an easy task, especially when you’re working with wires! But you can make your life easier with SolderSeal™. It connects wires together without requiring you to use solder!

How It Works 

SolderSeal™ is a heat shrink wire connector. It uses a thick and waterproof tube with a solder sleeve. All you need to do is insert the sleeve and use a blower to melt the solder and shrink the sleeve. 

✅  Mistake free 

Even if you’ve been soldering for years now, mistakes can still happen. To save you from headaches, switch to SolderSeal™ and get perfectly connected wires without having to solder and resolder! 

✅  Only needs heat

While traditional soldering requires you to have a solder gun, cleaning sponge, and a wire, with SolderSeal™ you just need a hairdryer or heat gun. The solder sleeve of SolderSeal™ shrinks when exposed to heat, connecting the wires in the process. 

✅  Strong connection and waterproof seal

SolderSeal™ creates a strong connection for your wires. The dual-walled sleeve is made from polyolefin material which is thick and waterproof! The 50-piece set is available in different diameters and even color-coded for compatibility with all wires

✅  Easy to use 

SolderSeal™ is easier to use than solders. All you need to do is align and insert the wires to the solder splice and use a hairdryer. In less than 20 seconds, you have connected your wires! 


  • Material: Polyolefin 
  • Yellow connector: 12-10 AWG 
  • Blue connector: 16-14 AWG 
  • Red connector: 22-18 AWG 
  • White connector: 26-24 AWG

Packaging Contents: 

  • Yellow connector: 12-10 AWG (5pcs)
  • Blue connector: 16-14 AWG (13pcs)
  • Red connector: 22-18 AWG (22pcs)
  • White connector: 26-24 AWG (10pcs)