ChopTime™ Smart Vegetable Slicer - Save time chopping vegetables and fruits

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“Omg! This is the best thing ever for people who hate to cook. I purchased it because I saw it in my friends house, so I just decided to try. This chopper is so easy to work with, any salad, potato, or fruit takes seconds to chop! Comes with a variety of sharp blades.” - Kate | Satisfied Customer

Cut vegetables and fruits like a professional chef! 

Manually slicing vegetables and fruits is time-consuming and messy. With the ChopTime™ Smart Vegetable Slicer, you can save time and effort chopping while keeping your kitchen clean and mess-free! 

How the ChopTime™ Works 

Keep your kitchen knives in the drawer. The ChopTime™ is a durable, dishwasher-friendly and BPA-free vegetable slicer with non-slip bottom and handle and 8 removable attachments. You can mince, cut, shred, mash, and even separate eggs! 

✅  Versatile slicer 

The ChopTime™ is not only for slicing. Its 8 removable attachments allows you to mash potatoes, separate egg yolks and whites, mince onions, and even get waffle cuts. 

✅  Save time and effort 

Meal prepping can take a lot of time and effort - especially when you’re cooking for the whole family. With ChopTime™, you can increase your cutting efficiency to 100% and have meals ready in no time! 

✅  Cut like a professional chef 

Impress family and friends with your meal prepping skills. Get thin and even cuts and slices all the time in less time and effort. Just choose the right attachment and you’ll have the right cut! 

✅  Effortless cleaning  

Don’t like washing? Just throw the ChopTime™ Smart Vegetable Slicer in the dishwasher. The BPA-free plastic and stainless steel material of ChopTime™ is safe and easy to wash. 


  • Material: BPA-free plastic / stainless steel 
  • Color: Grey & Green / Blue 
  • Size: 11.5cmx31.8cm 

Packaging Contents: 

  • 1x ChopTime™ Smart Vegetable Slicer + 8 attachments