SilentFuse™ Drum Silencer | Play drums quietly!

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They work great and were shipped on time. Highly recommended for apartment use or with close neighbors. They also protect your drum heads from wear and tear during practice.” - Ryan | Satisfied Customer 

Do you want to play drums quietly? 
Do you want to practice your drum skills? 
Do you want to prolong the life of your drumset? 


With the SilentFuse™ Drum Silencer, you can play your favorite rock hits without disrupting the whole neighborhood - it can drastically reduce drum noise down to 95%! 

Practicing is crucial if you want to be a great drummer. With our drum silencer, you can develop and practice your drum technique and skills without worrying if your next door neighbor can hear you playing.

This 10-piece drum silencer set does not only reduce drum noise, its thick rubber foam protects the drum heads from wear and tear, especially when you are practising! 


  Reduce drum noise down to 95%! 

Playing drums in your home can get really loud. Even your next door neighbor can probably hear you play! But it doesn’t mean you should stop playing. Just get the SilentFuse™ Drum Silencer, and you can play your traditional drum without bothering your neighbors ever again. The thick rubber foam can reduce noise levels down to 95%.

  Does not alter sound & feel 

The SilentFuse™ Drum Silencer is the most natural feeling drum mute pads you can ever get. When installed, you can still enjoy the satisfying feeling when hitting the cymbal, snares, toms, or hi-hats. IT ONLY REDUCES THE VOLUME. 

  Perfect for all drummers 

Beginners or seasoned drummers can benefit from our SilentFuse™ Drum Silencer. Whether you are playing in the basement or in your living room, you can practice your drum skills without disrupting anyone. 

  10-Piece Durable Set 

The SilentFuse™ Drum Silencer is for a traditional drum kit. In each kit, you will have 5 drum mute pads, 3 cymbal mute pads, 1 bass drum mute pad, and 1 snare drum mute pad. All included pads are made from high-quality rubber foam which are laser-cut for a perfect fit. 



  • 5 x Drum Mute Pad
  • 3 x Cymbal Mute Pad
  • 1 x Bass Drum Mute Pad 
  • 1 x Snare Drum Mute Pad
“My neighbor recently asked me if I played the drums which was a signal to me that he could hear them. I bought these and they fit like a glove on the size drums that they claimed. I could still do my Phils and drum rolls without giving up any of the field. When I saw my neighbor the next day I asked him if he could hear me playing last night. He said he did not hear anything which is exactly what I wanted.” - Rich | Satisfied Customer