Deep Sea Art™ - Hypnotizing scenery!

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I thoroughly enjoy having this piece of sand art in my office. “ - John | Satisfied Customer 

Moving sand art right at your desk! 

Are you looking to make your work-from-home desk, book shelves, and coffee table more stunning and sophisticated without trying too hard? Then, the Deep Sea Art™ is for you. It comes with a beautiful, hypnotising, and ever-changing sand art. 

How Deep Sea Art™ Works 

Deep Sea Art™ is a table-top decor piece with sealed lead-free circular glass. Inside is a crystal clear liquid and colored extra-fine glitter and sand. Just flip it over and its sand and glitter will fall, creating a unique and mesmerizing sand art that resembles the natural beauty of mountains and oceans. 

✅  Soothing and calming 

Watching the sand fall and create beautiful landscapes and scenery right at your desk can give you a sense of calmness. There’s no other decoration piece that can provide you with this relaxing experience. 

✅  No pattern is the same 

Every time that you flip the Deep Sea Art™, you will get a mesmerizing and relaxing sand pattern. The best part is you won’t get the same pattern! 

✅  Complements any interior theme 

Whether you have a modern and minimalist home or a tropical-inspired interior, the Deep Sea Art™ will look good with any style! Plus, it’s available in different colors so you can match it with your home’s color theme. 

✅  Great gift idea this holiday season 

Whether for your mom, dad, or your special someone, they will love the captivating beauty of the Deep Sea Art™!


  • Material: Glass/Plastic
  • Size: 14” 

Packaging Contents:

  • 1x Deep Sea Art™