Sentry™ RFID Lock - Keyless and hidden!

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Impenetrable hidden and keyless lock! 

Hide jewelry, cash, and other valuable items without giving away the location! Sentry™ is a groundbreaking intelligent lock system that is hidden and impenetrable even for expert picklocks. 

How it Works 

Sentry™ is an electronic RFID lock. You can use it to secure drawers, cabinets, storage, and more. Unlike regular locks, you don’t need to insert a key or a card. All you have to do is tap the included FOB or card and you can easily lock or unlock it. 

 Easy installation 

Don’t be intimated. Sentry™ is easy to install. Just align the included heavy-duty mortise and latch inside the cabinet and screw them in place. In 20 minutes, you’ll have an impenetrable lock. 

✅  Save money 

Skip expensive locks and vaults. You can save more money with Sentry™. It offers better security and protection at a more affordable price tag. Plus, it looks stealthier and cooler! 

✅  Compatibility 

You can use Sentry™ for wooden drawers, cabinets, and storage boxes. If you’re going to use the FREE FOB tag, make sure that the door is 2.5cm thick. For card access, you can use Sentry™ with 4.5cm thick doors. 

✅   One fob to rule them all 

Sentry™ is programmable so you can add or delete keys and even reset the system. Don’t worry about getting locked out. Sentry™ will emit a low-battery alarm warming. Before the batteries completely die out, Sentry™ will automatically unlock. 


  • Material:ABS + electronic components
  • Batteries: x2 AA (not included) 
  • Product size:86*63*29mm

Packaging Contents: 

  • 1x Sentry™ Keyless RFID Lock
  • 1x FOB tag 
  • 1x Card 
  • 1x Pack of screws