Revolutionary Wipe Cloth

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A set of 8 pieces - 4 large cloths and 4 small cloths.

Large wigs are 50 x 60 cm and the small ones 38 x 38 cm.

You can cut the big ones in half to use them as a bathing mat, dry the dishes, and even make them smaller for kitchen cloths.

SUPER ABSORBANT: Easily absorbs cola, wine, and miseries left by pets. Does not leak!

MULTI PURPOSE: Wash, dry and polish any surface.

Excellent for drying and cleaning the kitchen, bath, stains on the carpets, windows, cars, and boats.

Clean and dry even your dog or cat!

Non-abrasive: Will not scratch any surface.

It can be washed in the washing machine.

Can be used for up to 10 years!