Revolutionary Toothbrush for Dogs

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The revolutionary toothbrush helps your dog's teeth to keep them healthy and clean!

Designed to suit the behaviour and anatomy of dogs, making the tooth brushing a pleasant experience and fun experience!

Dogs, by their nature, can not be disturbed by dirty teeth. As a loving owner, it is your job help them with this. However, it may be an unpleasant experience when YOU do it and your dog may be very inpatient. Now YOUR DOG can brush their own teeth!

With the revolutionary toothbrush, cleaning your pet's teeth will become a daily activity! In fact, you do not even have to assist them. Your dog will start brushing their own teeth alone and will do it with pleasure!


  • Encourages pets to maintain healthy teeth

  • Designed to clean teeth on both sides and tilted to fit comfortably in the mouth of the animal

  • Toothbrush with meat flavor makes tooth cleaning a pleasant experience for your pet

  • Soft texture designed to be safe for your dog's gums

  • Toothpaste with self-dispensing for cleaner teeth

  • Contains the stabilizing base so your pet can easily brush!