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Your personal and private bathtub 

Spending hours soaked in a warm bathtub surrounded by relaxing and aromatic candles while sipping your favorite wine is a great way to end a tiring and long day. But, what if you don’t have a bathtub? You get Wash™.  

How it Works 

Wash™  is an inflatable bathtub with an electric air pump. It is designed for people who want to relax and destress in the bathtub without spending a fortune! They are also for homeowners with limited bathroom space and for seniors who need a safer way to take a bath.


✅  Save money on bathroom renovations 

Bathtubs can set you back to a whopping $5000 - installation costs excluded! With Wash™, there’s no need to empty your bank account. It is affordable and more cost-efficient. No expensive bathroom renovation needed.  

✅  Set it up anywhere

Have you ever wished that you could watch TV while in the bathtub? Wash™ turns your dream into reality. Inflatable and easy to set up, Wash™ allows you to take a relaxing and invigorating bath wherever you want. Be it in the living room or even right in your bedroom. Use the FREE included electric air pump for a faster setup! Wash™ is ready in less than a minute. 

✅  Comfortable bath all the time 

You can fit inside Wash™ and even stretch your legs!  It has a soft sitting interior, making it more comfortable than regular bathtubs. Plus, there is a built-in headrest so you can have a more relaxing bath! A cup holder is also available.

✅  Made to last 

Wash™ is constructed from 6 layers of PVC. It is super tough that it can even support two persons and gallons of water without breaking. You can even use and fill it with hot water!  To top it all off, Wash™ is phthalates-free, making it not only durable but also safe and eco-friendly. 


  • Material: PVC 
  • Outer dimensions: 156cm (l) * 82cm (w) * 52cm (h).
  • Inner dimensions: 132cm (l) * 56cm (w) * 52cm (h).
  • Water capacity: 255L

Packaging Contents: 

  • 1x Wash™ Portable Bath + 1 electrical air pump +1 Drain-pipe + 1 Repair Patch Kit + 1 Instruction book