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“I've spent so much time using giant nail files to smooth my gel nails... but no more! I studied quite a few of these electric nail drills and finally decided on this one. It is perfect! It's simple, easy to use, and it arrived quickly.” - Sue | Satisfied Customer 

Do you want salon-quality nails? 
Do you want to save time and money in manicures? 


You can make your nails smooth, polished, and salon-quality with the help of our Onail Electric Nail File™. You can use it to shape, grind, cut, polish, and even remove cuticles! 

Getting a manicure is expensive. With our Onail Electric Nail File™, you can save hundreds of dollars! Plus, you can clean your nails and change your nail polish whenever you want - no trip to the salon necessary! 


Simple to use 

Even beginners will fall in love with our Onail Electric Nail File™. It is lightweight and easy to grip and maneuver. It stays cool and doesn’t overheat thanks to its efficient heat dissipation. Adding pressure won’t even make our electric nail file to stop. 

For natural, acrylic, and gel nails 

Whether you want to clean your natural nails or replace the gel nail art, our electric nail file is made for all kinds of nails - natural or not! You can use it to reshape gel nails, remove nail polish, clean cuticles, and more. 

Quicker nail care routine 

Are you still shaping your nails with an emery board nail file or a metal nail file? It’s time to ditch those time-consuming and exhausting nail care tools! The Onail Electric Nail File™ helps you get the perfect nails in less time and effort. 

✅  Shape and buff nails without chemicals  

The Onail Electric Nail File™ is more than just a regular nail file. It has a total of 12 removable bits - 6 metal bits and 6 sanding heads so you can smooth, polish, buff, and cut without using any harsh chemicals  ever again. 

Powerful without damaging the nails 

You can adjust the speed of Onail Electric Nail File™ by adjusting the knob. You can set it to the highest setting for removing thick and stubborn gel nail polish, or use the lowest speed for a quick and safe cleaning around the edges of your nails. 


“I really really love this nail drill. I purchased it because it was recommended by a friend and because of the price I was skeptical, but I figured it wasn't too much money to waste. I got it 2 days after I purchased it and when I tell you that it gets the job done.....I mean it gets the job done. I will recommend it to everyone. Don't hesitate. Buy it” - Abena | Satisfied Customer 


  • Size: 16cmx24cm / 6.2”x0.9”
  • Maximum speed: 20,000 RPM 
  • Color: Pink/White 


  • 1x Onail Electric Nail File™
  • 1x Electric adapter 
  • 6x Metal bits 
  • 6x Sanding heads