Filtrex™ Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot - Collect and reuse oil

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Stop wasting cooking oil and bacon grease!

You don’t have to throw out cooking oil and bacon grease and waste money! With the Filtrex™ Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot, you can collect leftover oil and reuse it for later. 

How it Works 

Filtrex™ is a stainless steel oil filter pot that separates impurities from the oil. All you need to do is pour the leftover oil into the Filtrex™ and its removable fine mesh strainer will filter out batter pieces and bacon bits.  

Durable and corrosion-resistant 

No matter how many times you collect leftover oil, Filtrex™ is durable. It’s 304 stainless steel material is thick and won’t rust. 

Collect more oil  

Don’t waste cooking oil and bacon grease. Filtrex™ has a large capacity pot. It can hold as much as 1.2 liter of leftover oil. It also comes with a curved spout and ergonomic handle so you can easily transfer the collected oil to a separate container. 


Filter cooking oil and bacon grease

If there are bacon bits and batter pieces in the oil, don’t worry. Filtrex™ has a fine mesh strainer that prevents leftover pieces from mixing with the oil. 

Keep collected oil clean 

Filtrex™ comes with a removable and dust-proof lid so you can keep oil clean from dust, dirt, and other tiny particles. There’s a bottom tray too to prevent Filtrex™ from slipping off from the countertop.


  • Material: Stainless steel 

Packaging Contents: 

  • 1x Filtrex™ Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot