Exactu™ Silencer Shoot Nail Grab - Fastest fastening tool!

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The strongest nail gun ever! 

Forget about hammers and drills. The Exactu™ can punch through wood, concrete, and metal - without making any noise! 

How the Exactu™ Silencer Shoot Nail Grab Works 

The Exactu™ is unlike any nail gun you’ve ever seen and used before. With a patented and latest air compression technology, it can effortlessly penetrate through wood, concrete, and even 4mm metal. Despite its strong fastening feature, Exactu™ is simple to use! Just load the nail and press Exactu™ against the surface. 

✅  No annoying noise 

With the Exactu™, you and your neighbors don’t have put up with loud and annoying bangs from drills and hammers! It comes with a built-in silencer for reduced noise production when you’re hanging up shelves, frames, and decorations. 

Wireless fastening 

No more annoying wires that can get in the way! Exactu™ is 100% wireless, making it easier to fasten whenever and wherever. No electricity needed.  

Simple to use 

Using the Exactu™ is like using a gun. Just place the special nails into the nail tube, point, and shoot. With a pistol-like design and ergonomic handle, it is also comfortable to use! It only weighs 1kg too.

Keep your hands out of the way 

Holding a nail while hammering is not only awkward; it’s dangerous too! Save your thumb with the Exactu™ Silencer Shoot Nail Grab. Just press this fastening tool against the wall, ceiling, and other surface, and it will push through the nail. 

Packaging Contents: 

  • 1x Exactu™ Silencer Shoot Nail Grab + Wrench + Screwdriver + Gloves + 100pcs Nails + Brush + Goggles