Precise measurement for woodworking, tile cutting and other home improvement projects!

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“We are in the process of installing new flooring and floor moldings. This tool was very helpful when measuring awkward angles and ensured that we got the measurements and cuts correct the first time. Highly recommend this useful and practical tool! ”Mike | Satisfied Customer 


 Are you struggling to use a measuring tape? 
Wish you can just duplicate profiles and angles for a more precise cutting? 
Do you hate flimsy rulers and measuring tapes? 

Introducing the 6-Sided Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler Tool™! The most versatile tool for bathroom renovations, installing new flooring, adding trim and molding, and other home improvement projects! 

The 6-Sided Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler Tool™ uses laser engraved scales which is easier to read than measuring tapes with printed numbers and markers.  

It has an adjustable 6-sided multi-angle feature so you can duplicate profiles and angles with utmost precision!  

Made from solid and extra thick 5mm durable aluminum, this groundbreaking measuring ruler tool will last for years!

Why Will This Measuring Ruler Tool Will Change Your Life? 

Useful for woodworking, bathroom renovation, and other types of applications 

Whatever project that you are working on, having the Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler Tool™ can make your job easier and faster. Adjust the angle for cutting corners on floor trim or measure the distance of the molding to the door - its versatility is endless! 

 Very simple to use 

All you need to do is slide the ruler into the shape, and you will have an exact duplicate of the measurement. No extra tools needed! 

 Stronger than your measuring tape 

This measuring ruler is a great investment whether for short or long-term use. It uses a 5mm thick  aluminum construction and metal knobs. Its scales are laser-etched too for easier readability and durability. 

 Save a lot of money on materials  

Do you find yourself spending more materials due to a measurement error? You can save money with the 6-Sided Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler Tool™. Get precise measurements all the time, anytime and anywhere! 


In less than ten seconds, you can get an accurate measurement. Just loosen the metal knob, slide the ruler into the shape, lock the knobs in place, and you will have the exact length, distance, and even profile!  

“This is a great tool to get all the different measurements you need all at one time! It really helps make tile work and woodworking much easier. It allows you to measure 6 different lengths all at the same time and 5 different angles. Overall, great product and has strong locks to make sure your angles don’t move.” - Joshua | Satisfied Customer 

Packaging include: 

  • 1x Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler Tool™
  • 1x Square cut hole