Mini Portable Humidifier

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Are you tired of waking up and going through the day with a sore throat, dry nose, dry eyes or dehydrated skin? Finally, the best solution! Perfect for travel, use in a vehicle, office or anywhere else!
  • Small Portable Dimensions: Small and Lightweight. The length of the humidifier is 7.6 cm! It can also be powered from anywhere with the USB cable.

  • Easy to use: Connects through the supplied USB cable. Simply connect to any power supply and insert the Portable Mini Humidifier into a water container.

  • Automatic Safe Lock: The humidifier will turn off when the water tank is empty. You do not have to worry about when sleeping!

  • Suitable for any container: The humidifier can be used in a bottle of water or any other container.

  • Silent Design: Provides cool fog and silent operation to ensure you will not be disturbed during work or sleep.

  • Modern look: The modern, thin simplistic design looks great and fashionable.

  • Skin Care: Dry skin is one of the main causes of wrinkles and often seems inevitable in dry environments. Use this humidifier to change this; add as much moisture as you want and keep your skin well hydrated!

It's so easy and convenient! The USB cable and it's small design make the humidifier virtually easy to install anywhere!

👇The base tubes can be divided and assembled to fit in bottles or containers of any size!👇

Package includes: 1 Mini portable humidifier, 1 USB cable , 2 long tubes, and 2 short tubes.