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Transfer water, oil, and other liquid! 

Whether you are emptying the car tank or draining the fish tank, an efficient and easy to use pump can make all the difference! If you want to safely and quickly transfer water, oil, other liquid you can always rely on the Siphon Manual Pump to get the job done. 

How It Works 

The Siphon Manual Pump uses a large pump bulb to siphon gallons of liquid from one container to another. It’s no backflow system and adjustable valve flow ensures you completely empty the car tank, aquarium, pond, oil container, and more. With heavy-duty metal clasps holding the thick hoses, no drop is wasted! 

✅  Save your back 

Have you ever tried moving a heavy container filled with water or oil? Then, you’ll know how difficult it is! With the Siphon Manual Pump, you don’t have to go through this arm and back straining task anymore.  

✅  Easy to Use 

Save time moving gallons of liquid! Just squeeze the rubber pump bulb 2-3 times and the water will start flowing from one container to another. You can even control the water flow by tightening or loosening the valves!  

✅  Multi-purpose 

Do you need a versatile manual pump that you can use in your workshop and home? You don’t have to look anywhere else. It is safe to use the Siphon Manual Pump with water and even oil! 

✅  Sturdy and reusable 

Say goodbye to flimsy and unreliable pumps. The Siphon Manual Pump uses a strong PVC material for durability! Even its 2 hoses are 2mm thick and corrosion-resistant so you’ll never have to worry about holes. 


  • Material: PVC + Rubber 
  • Bulb size: 24cm 
  • Pipe Thickness: 2mm 
  • Pipe Length: 1.5 M/2M(Optional)
  • Pipe Diameter: 16mm inner diameter, 20mm outer diameter

Packaging Contents: 

  • 1x Siphon Manual Pump (1 Pump + 2 Hoses + 2 Valve Clamps)