BootyLift™ Honeycomb Leggings - Confidence-boosting leggings!

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“I love these leggings so much. The fabric is super soft and they fit true to size, they are also squat proof which is a plus! Great quality, I will definitely be buying more!” - Ashley | Satisfied Customer 

Instant tummy tuck and butt lift! 

Whether for gym use or lounging at home, the BootyLift™ Honeycomb Leggings comfortably hugs your curves, hides your cellulitis and gives your butt an instant lift! 

How BootyLift™ Honeycomb Leggings™ Works 

The BootyLift™ Honeycomb Leggings are made from comfy, breathable, and stretchable polyester, spandex, and cotton blend. It is high-waist and comes with textured honeycomb fabric and booty scrunch design to smoothen your tummy and cellulite, and for instant butt lift! 

✅  Confident boosting

Say goodbye to ill-fitting leggings. The BootyLift™ Honeycomb Leggings™ provides your butt, thighs, and tummy comfortable support and compression to naturally highlight your curves without digging into your skin! 

✅  Smoothens cellulitis and other flaws 

The textured honeycomb fabric gives you a more defined and toned body while hiding cellulite and other flaws. Now with a booty scrunch, your butt will look rounder and plumper! 

✅  For gym and lounging 

The BootyLift™ Honeycomb Leggings are not only for gym use! Its thick, soft, squat-proof, and comfortable fabric makes these leggings a great choice when lounging at home or running errands! 

✅  Keeps everything tucked in 

The fabric blend features a 4-way stretch. This gives you a complete freedom to perform squats, lunges, HIIT, and more exercises without pulling up the leggings! 


  • Material: Spandex/Polyester/Cotton Blend 
  • Sizes: X-Small-X-Large 

Packaging Contents: 

  • 1x BootyLift™ Honeycomb Leggings