Magnify™ LED Magnifier Double Eyeglasses - See bigger and clearer!

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Hands-free magnification! 

Crafting and repairing jewelry, PC parts, and other tiny components is difficult when you can’t see them! With Magnify™, you no longer have to squint your eyes or put the parts near the light. You can magnify and repair at the same time! 

How it Works 

Magnify™ is a wearable magnifying glass. It comes with 8 interchangeable lenses so you can zoom in and magnify up to 25x. It also has 2 super bright white LED lights so you repair and inspect even in low light conditions.  

For all head sizes 

Magnify™ comes in a flexible and ergonomic design for a comfortable and perfect fit for all head sizes. It even has adjustable nose pads and a FREE strap to prevent it from sliding off your head. 

Perfect viewing angle 

There’s no need to tilt your head in awkward angles to have a clearer view! The angle of the lens can vertically tilt 150-degrees! You can also use its white LED lights to provide extra illumination. 

Versatile and efficient 

Magnify™ is not only for jewelers. These wearable magnifier double eyeglasses are for anyone who wants to see bigger and clearer. They are for tailors, plumbers, do-it-yourself enthusiasts, repairmen, and more! Even individuals who have astigmatism can use Magnify™! 

Hands-free magnification 

The wearable design of Magnify™ lets you view in extreme detail while allowing you to use both of your hands! This saves you time and effort than using a regular magnifying glass.  


  • Objective Lens Size: 15.8mm
  • Ocular Lens Size: 20mm
  • Head circumference: about 590mm

Packaging Contents: 

  • 1x Magnify™ LED Magnifier Double Eye Glasses 
  • 8x Lens - 2pcs 10X, 2pcs 15X, 2pcs 20X,2pcs 25X
  • 1x Strap
  • 1x Manual