KniftyKnife Serbian Boning Knife

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Effortlessly slice and separate tough meat from bones! 

With the KniftyKnife Serbian Boning Knife, cutting, slicing, and deboning meat is quicker and easier! It has an extra sharp flexible blade that lets you effortlessly carve meat away from the bone - no wasted meat ever again! 

Sharp High-Carbon Steel Blade 

The KniftyKnife Serbian Boning Knife is made from sharp high-carbon steel blade for effortless cutting and deboning. The blade is flexible, making it convenient to remove meat from bones.  It also comes with a 55- 57HRC hardness rating, which means the blade is extra hard with corrosion resistance. The one-piece solid knife is hand forged and hammered to perfection. 

Precise Cutting With Safety Feature 

Are you clumsy in the kitchen? The blade features a security hole. Insert your finger through the hole for extra grip and maximum knife control. 

Comes with a knife sheath  

This knife is not only for indoor cooking! You can take this Serbian boning knife wherever you go. It includes a soft brown leather sheath which offers a snug and secure fit for the knife. With a belt loop, it’s convenient to carry! 

Ergonomic Rosewood Handle 

Whatever you are deboning or slicing, the KniftyKnife Serbian Boning Knife is easy to maneuver. It has an ergonomic rosewood handle which is comfortable to hold and grip, giving you maximum control with every slice. The handle contributes to the heft and weight of the knife. 

Key Features:

  • Extra sharp blade for effortless slicing and chopping 
  • Tough high carbon stainless steel blade with 55- 57HRC hardness scale 
  • Comfortable to grip rosewood handle 
  • Free premium leather knife sheath for storage and carrying 


  • Blade material: High-carbon steel 
  • Blade size: 140mmx47mm 
  • Total knife size with handle: 253mm 
  • Weight: 275g
  • Knife cover material: Leather 


  • 1x Serbian Boning Knife 
  • 1x Sheath