HoverShot Floating Ball Shooting Game™ - Shoot down floating targets!

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This is def one of our new fave toys!! Nothing and I mean NOTHING holds my grand daughters attention, but this toy is the first! She's been playing with it for an hour now and she's having a blast! Thanks again for such a great product! - Michelle | Satisfied Customer 

Take shooting games to the next level! 

Bored of playing the same shooting game? It’s time to switch to the HoverShot Floating Ball Shooting Game™. Its targets are floating in the air, making it more challenging than any other regular shooting game toys! 

How the HoverShot Floating Ball Shooting Game™ Works 

The HoverShot Floating Ball Shooting Game™ is not your typical shooting game. Its foam ball targets floats in the air. The adjustable airflow of the pillars can make the balls float in varying heights, making them more difficult to shoot down. Armed with a blaster gun and foam bullets, players can put their shooting skills to the test. 

✅  Improves your aim and shooting skills 

With ball targets suspended in the air, it’s more difficult to shoot them down! You’ll need to work on your aim and shooting skills before you can successfully hit them.  

✅  Safe and fun for the whole family 

The HoverShot Floating Ball Shooting Game™’s targets and bullets are made from high-quality foam material. You don’t have to worry about hurting anybody while playing this game! 

✅  Make it even more challenging 

If hitting floating targets is easy for you, don’t worry! Just adjust the airflow of the pillars, and you can make the game more challenging. Another way is moving away from the target! H

✅  Great for kids and adults alike 

The HoverShot Floating Ball Shooting Game™ is made for everyone who wants to have fun while improving their shooting skills. You can even have the HoverShot setup when you have guests over!


  • Material: Plastic 
  • Balls/Bullets: Foam 
  • Size: 33x10x27cm
  • Batteries: x4 #3 Batteries (not included)

Packaging Contents: 

  • 1x HoverShot Floating Ball Shooting Game™  
  • 10x Foam ball targets 
  • 3x Foam bullets 
  • 1x Blaster Gun