KneeCare Thermal Knee Brace™ - Heat adjustable knee brace!

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“It works great for helping out my sore knee after a long day of work and standing.” - Samantha | Satisfied Customer 

Knee pain treatment and relief at home! 

Are you experiencing knee pain due to an injury or rheumatoid arthritis? With the KneeCare Thermal Knee Brace™, you can get instant relief right at the comfort of your own home. Save money on doctor appointments and knee therapy sessions! 

How the KneeCare Thermal Knee Brace™ Works 

The KneeCare Thermal Knee Brace™ is a heat adjustable knee brace. It relieves muscle tension and pressure, reduces swelling, and improves blood circulation in the knees. You can also use this knee brace for cold compression by sliding an ice pack into the mesh pocket. 

✅   Controllable hot compression treatment 

The KneeCare Thermal Knee Brace™ is more than just an ordinary knee wrap. It has a built-in heating system with three temperature levels - high heat (140-149°F), medium heat (113-118.4°F), and low heat (96.3-104°F). 

✅  Hassle-free knee pain treatment 

No need to boil hot water for hot compression knee treatment! Just connect the knee brace to a USB, and push the button to switch through the on-board three heat outputs. 

✅  Fits most knees 

Young and old can use the KneeCare Thermal Knee Brace™, and get quick knee relief at home. The brace measures 23.22 inches in length, and uses two velcro straps for a secure and comfortable fit - no matter the knee size. 

✅  Use it for cold compression and as an ordinary knee wrap 

The KneeCare Thermal Knee Brace™ is a versatile knee pain relief treatment. You can put an ice pack to its mesh pocket and use it for cold compression treatment. It even works as a knee support, which is super useful when you’re experiencing pain when walking, running, or standing up. 


  • Power supply: 5V USB
  • Size: 47x20 cm
  • Heating pad: 20x30 cm
  • Temperature: 96.3-149 °F

Packaging Contents: 

  • 1x KneeCare Thermal Knee Brace™ + 1x USB cable