Bondful™ Miracle Welding Glue - Repair metal without welding!

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“I have used this on metal, plastic, metal-to-plastic and it worked very well. Pay close attention, of course, to an exact 1:1 ratio.” - Graham | Satisfied Customer

Eliminates the need for welding! 

Welding is hard and dangerous, especially if you don’t have any experience. But don’t worry! You don’t need to learn welding when you have the Bondful™ Miracle Welding Glue in your tool box. 

How the Bondful™ Miracle Welding Glue Works 

The Bondful™ Miracle Welding Glue is a steel-reinforced fast-setting two-part metal epoxy adhesive. You can use this miracle welding glue to bond and repair metal parts and filling metal cracks. It is resistant to water and harsh chemicals like acid and oil.  

✅  Suitable for any surface 

The Bondful™ Miracle Welding Glue is not only for metal surfaces. Its long-lasting and strong adhesive is also applicable to wood, fiberglass, ceramic, and more! 

✅  Safe to sand, drill, and file 

Get a smooth finish with the Bondful™ Miracle Welding Glue. Once it is cured, you can sand, file, and drill. It permanently bonds to the surface so you don’t have to worry!  It is waterproof and can withstand 150°C of high heat. 

✅  Easy to use 

Just mix the bottles - 1:1 ratio, and wait for it to settle for 6 minutes. Within 4-6 hours, it is fully cured and ready to be sanded, drilled, or machined! 

✅  More affordable than buying a welding machine 

Welding can set you back to hundreds of dollars. With the Bondful™ Miracle Welding Glue, you’ll just pay less than $20. It’s more cost-efficient than buying a welding machine and rods! 


  • Weight: 100g 
  • Color when dried: Grey 

Packaging Contents: 

  • 1x Bondful™ Miracle Welding Glue A
  • 1x Bondful™ Miracle Welding Glue B