FuelHatch Multifunctional Electric Oil Pump

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Lightning fast pump that you can submerge in the water! 

Whether you are cleaning out the fuel tank or collecting water, the FuelHatch Multifunctional Electric Oil Pump is a handy device to have around the house. You can finally quickly pump water, oil, and more without any effort and wasting time. 

Fast pumping without the noise 

The FuelHatch Multifunctional Electric Oil Pump has a built-in DC 12V motor with a  8700r/minute motor speed rating. It is tough and reliable even after several uses. It also pumps fast and operates silently and smoothly. The copper motor features overheating protection for longer life. Flow rate is 12L/minute.

Filters dirt, dust, and other tiny particles 

Aside from its powerful yet silent motor, this multifunctional electric oil pump is also equipped with a removable filter at the bottom. This separates dirt, leaves, dust, and other tiny articles from the liquid, giving you cleaner extracted fuel and water. It also prevents clogging. 

Safe to submerge 

With a rust resistant stainless steel shell and airtight multi-channel seal, you can completely submerge the FuelHatch Multifunctional Electric Oil Pump. Put it in water and it will still operate! It is not advisable to submerge the pump into gasoline, oil, and other highly flammable liquids. 

How to use: 

  1. Connect the electric oil pump to the power supply
  2. Attach the hose to the outlet 
  3. Submerge the pump to the liquid 
  4. Use the switch to turn-on the device 

Key Features: 

  • Safe to submerge 
  • Fast and quiet pumping 
  • Water and corrosion resistant
  • Easy-to-use on/off switch 
  • Strong and efficient motor  
  • Comes with a removable filter 


  • Material: Stainless Steel 
  • Voltage: 12V/24V 
  • Wire length: 3m
  • Color: Gold/Silver 
  • Product size: 16cmx9cmx5cm
  • 12v clip 38mm oil pump: 330g
  • 24v clip 38mm oil pump: 351g


  • 1x FuelHatch Multifunctional Electric Oil Pump