Sparkle™ Steel Wool Fireshow - Spinning fireworks!

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Mesmerizing light display! 

Whether you are a professional or an inspiring photographer, you can make your night photography stand out with Sparkle™. You can capture long-exposure pictures worthy to be in your portfolio!

How it Works 

Sparkle™ is a do-it-yourself steel wool fireshow kit. Included in the set are steel wool, gloves, goggles, an iron clip, and an iron chain. To start a breathtaking light display, simply attach the steel wool to the iron chain, light it up, and swing Sparkle™. For safety, wear goggles and gloves. 

✅  Save money 

Rather than buying fireworks and spend hundreds of dollars, use Sparkle™ instead. You’ll get a beautiful and mesmerizing light display that is easier on the pockets. Plus, you can show off your skills to friends and family! 

✅  More environmentally-friendly 

Fireworks emit toxic fumes, harming the environment. With Sparkle™, you can keep Mother Earth happy. The only byproduct of Sparkle™ is rust, which is a natural mineral. To prevent fires, we highly suggest using Sparkle™ in an open area like a beach or an empty parking lot, away from any material that causes a fire. 

✅  Capture stunning images and videos 

Make your images and videos stand out. Use Sparkle™ to create mesmerizing time-lapse pictures and videos. You can even just use your smartphone to capture the spinning fireshow. Just lower the exposure and turn off the flash, and you’ll have an Instagram-worthy picture! 

✅  Easy to use 

Stack 1-3 layers of steel wool together and clip it to the chain. Light the end of the steel wool, and spin Sparkle™ to have a beautiful and stunning sparkling light display without any effort. Use the included gloves and goggles for safety!


  • Material: Steel wool 

Packaging Contents: 

  • 1x Sparkle™ Steel Wool Fireshow + 1 Goggles + 1 Gloves + 1 Clip + 1 Iron Chain + 1 Clip