Fire-Resistant Gloves

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A real innovation in the thermal protection of hands against the heat of the oven, the cooker or the outdoor grill. Nomex and Kevlar fibers, when combined, slow down the temperature rise inside the gloves when handling hot items.

This heat-resistant gloves are perfect for cooking, baking or handling super-warm objects in the kitchen and outdoors.
Padded with cotton on the inside to provide more comfort, it allows the skin to breathe so that your hands do not sweat during the summer or while cooking. They can easily be washed in the washing machine.
  • Easy to use. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, our gloves fit anyone, anywhere, anytime. Do not waste your time on low quality gloves that penetrate heat, burn and do not offer the protection you deserve! 
  • Comfortable and flexible configuration. It resists heat up to 500 ° C. This is because it is made of durable and high quality materials.
  • Package includes a set of 2 gloves.