Deburring Drill Bit

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Complete construction and repair jobs efficiently with the Deburring Drill Bit.

The Deburring Drill Bit easily attaches to any electric drill to help you repair or smoothen damaged bolts and tighten nuts all by yourself while effectively helping you save precious time and money. Shear metal layer by layer quicklyneatly and safely with the Deburring Drill Bit. Now, you won’t have to call anyone for help when something needs to be repaired around the house. With the Deburring Drill Bit in your toolbox, you can be your home’s very own DIY repair king!

  • Made with strong and durable stainless steel
  • Handy at 2.2” x 1 x 1”
  • Can be used on plastic, hardened steel, brass, aluminum, wood, mild steel, fiberglass, copper and stainless steel, among many others
  • Quickly attaches to any hand drill
  • Easy to use, efficient and effective
  • Stainless Steel

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