PastryTown™ Cookie Press - Make different cookie shapes!

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Just press and go! 

Making different cookie shapes is tricky and messy. With PastryTown™, you can make your life easier. Get uniform, beautiful, and chef-approved cookies in less time and effort. 

How it Works 

PastryTown™ is a cookie press made from food-grade aluminum alloy. You just need to load the cookie dough, press, and voila! You have perfectly shaped cookies on your baking sheet. With 10 discs and 4 nozzles included, creating unique cookie shapes is a breeze. 

 Save time 

Shaping cookie dough by hand takes a lot of time, patience, and skills! With PastryTown™, you can reduce prep time in half. Once you have your homemade or store-bought cookie dough, just load it in the cookie press, and in less than 10 seconds, you’ll have uniform cookies. There are even 2 thickness settings!

 Fun and unique shapes 

For days that you want to impress friends or families or you grew tired of the same old round cookies, PastryTown™ is a must-have for your baking arsenal. The free 10 discs are available in different designs for diverse cookie shapes! You can even use the nozzles to make churros!

 Sturdy and washable 

There’s no need to replace it every 3 months. PastryTown™ is designed for heavy-duty use even for home baking! Its food-grade aluminum construction is thick and tough. It is also easy to wash!

✅  Beginner-friendly 

Starting your journey in the exciting and sweet world of pastry and baking? Don’t worry! PastryTown™ is made for beginners and professionals alike. It’s so simple to use even kids can make cute and dainty cookies!


  • Material: Food-grade aluminum alloy  

Packaging Contents: 

  • 1x PastryTown Cookie Press + 10 Discs + 4 Nozzles