KittyCat™ Nutritional Cat Treat Ball - Tasty and healthy treats for cats! (5 Pack)

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A happy and healthy cat is a happy home! 

Cat treats don’t need to be full of chemicals! With KittyCat™, you can finally give your furry and adorable feline companion a tasty and nutritious snack. It’s too delicious that he won’t stop licking our yummy snack! 

How it Works 

KittyCat™ is 100% natural. It is made from chicken protein, catnip, oligofructose, fish oil, and Vitamins A, B, C, and E. These natural ingredients aids in brain development, better digestion and sight, healthy fur, as well stress and anxiety reliever.

✅  Safe and non-toxic 

KittyCat™ is 100% safe for your feline friend. The ingredients that we used are free from harmful chemicals and are all-natural. This way your cat can get his daily dose of nutrition in a tasty treat!

✅  Delicious treats

Cats love KittyCat™. Our unique natural formula is appetizing even for the pickiest felines! We won’t be surprised if your furry friend won’t stop licking KittyCat™. 

✅  Stick it anywhere 

There’s nothing more adorable than watching your cat enjoy his treats! So, we’ve made KittyCat™ with an adhesive back. This lets you put these tasty and nutritious treats on the walls, tables, and anywhere else. No leftover sticky residue. 

✅  Nutritious 

Stop feeding your cat with treats and snacks that are full of chemicals. Our natural ingredients provide the right dose of vitamins and minerals to keep him healthy and happy! 


  • Total diameter (with holder): 38mm 

Packaging Contents: 

  •  KittyCat™ Nutritional Cat Treat Ball Snack - 5 Pack