Beamist Laser Bore Sighter

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Do you hate wasting time and ammo when sighting your gun? 

The Beamist Laser Bore Sighter takes out the guesswork of bore sighting without firing any ammo. Much like a laser pointer, this laser bore sighter uses a laser diode to project beam onto the target. Just slide it into the barrel, adjust the sight, and you can land clean and accurate shots. 

Precise Shooting 

Zero in on your target with utmost precision and accuracy. The Beamist Laser Bore Sighter emits a straight red laser beam, giving you a more precise shooting reference when aligning your gun.

Compatible With Different Guns 

The Beamist Laser Bore Sighter works with different firearms. It includes four adapters and a screwdriver to match the caliber of your gun. This laser bore sighter is compatible with a wide range of .17-.78 firearms.

Easy to Use 

Using the Beamist Laser Bore Sighter is super simple. Attach the adapter to the laser bore sighter for a snug fit to the barrel of your gun. Then, dial and adjust the turret accordingly. Once the sight aligns to the laser, you are good to go. In less than 2 minutes, you have completely resighted your gun. The Beamist Laser Bore Sighter is self-centering.

Compact and Easy to Carry 

Travelling with your gun can sometimes lead to misalignments. The Beamist Laser Bore Sighter allows you to realign your gun while on the go. It has a lightweight and compact one-piece design so you can carry it to your next outdoor hunting adventure. 

Key Features 

  • Self-centering laser 
  • Compatible from .17 to .78 guns
  • Comes with a screwdriver, adapters and batteries
  • Easy to use - just slide into the barrel 
  • One-piece design for easier carrying 


  • 1x Beamist Laser Bore Sighter
  • 1x Screwdriver 
  • 1x Allen wrench 
  • 3x Batteries