Automatic Cat Playing Toy

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If your cat is energetic and playful, she needs toys that will easily occupy her. This automatic cat playing toy is the best toy to keep your cat entertained. You'll enjoy watching her try to catch the small, furry ball!

The toy is made of ABS and rabbit hair. Thanks to the good material, no matter how much the cat is biting and scratching, it won't be easily damaged. Also, the furry ball can be taken off and replaced with any other.

With the automatic turn off, you don't have to worry about the toy wasting energy. If your cat isn't playing with it for over five minutes, it will automatically shuts off. Just place the ball on the desk and it is ready to go.


 Automatic shut down
 Great materials
 Easy installment


 Material: ABS, rabbit hair
 Diameter: 7 centimeters
 Color: White

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For just $29.99 get this fun Automatic Cat Playing Toy for your furry little friend.